Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mighty Beanz 10 Pack

Mighty Beanz 10 Pack

 Some are cute, some are crude, and others are downright wacky! Mighty Beanz are tiny bean-shaped characters that can be played with or collected. This Series Two Mighty Beanz 10-Pack comes with nine classic Beanz and one Mega Bean that can be raced, tossed, squeezed, or collected using the included collector's guide. With over 100 Series Two Beanz rolling around out there, you can't help but get into the Mighty Beanz spirit of these tiny, outrageous characters.


Squeeze 'Em, Flip 'Em, Race 'Em!
Mighty Beanz are small, colorful, plastic, pill-shaped characters that feature a small metal ball inside. This ball creates a jerky, rolling motion when the Bean is pushed across a flat surface. Each Beanz character is decorated with brightly colored illustrations that can be used to look them up on the Beanz Web site and in the Beanz collector's catalog. Included in the Mighty Beanz 10-Pack are nine classic Beanz, one Mega Bean, and a pamphlet with a collector's guide on one side and instructions for game play on the other. Games range in levels of difficulty and in the number of players required.Mighty Beanz

A Small but Mighty Toy
The simple design of the Might Beanz toys makes them easy to collect and trade, and fun to play with all around. The Web site dedicated to the Mighty Beanz enhances the Beanz experience by providing young collectors with background stories, games, and collectability statistics on each Bean. Fun to collect and even more fun to play with, Mighty Beanz are a great toy that can be transported anywhere to keep young, energetic collectors happily busy and engaged in imaginative play.

What's in the Box
Nine classic Beanz, one Mega Bean, one collector's guide/game pamphlet.

Mighty Beanz

From the Manufacturer

Mighty Beanz are a collector’s dream - with Beanz for everyone’s taste. Music Beanz, Zoo Beanz, Horror Beanz, Sport Beanz and soooo much more. Collect common, rare and ultrarare Beanz, trade them and play with them.


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