Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poingo Storybook Dora the Explorer Lets Go to Toyland

Poingo Storybook: Dora the Explorer, Let's Go to Toyland

Suitable for children ages three and up, Poingo Storybook: Dora the Explorer, Let s Go to Toyland uses cutting-edge Poingo technology to follow Dora, Boots, and the twins on an adventure to Toyland. Each page is interactive and features colorful illustrations, and the book s sturdy cover and extra-thick pages withstand rips and tears.

Dora and company embark on a make-believe adventure to find the wind-up key for a dancing doll. First, they ask Map which way to go. Their journey takes them across Bubble Bath Sea, through Stuffed Animal Valley, and over Building Block Bridge to get to the Key Tree. On their way, they encounter gigantic toys, a giant rubber duck, huge teddy bears, and Swiper the sneaky fox.

Children will delight in following their favorite characters from the popular TV show Dora the Explorer. Among this Poingo book s features:
Your child can use the Poingo hand-held scanning device for activities such as Look and Find in English and in Spanish. For the Look and Find activity, your child tries to find items in the book s artwork. Also included are Listen and Find activities, which feature counting, riddles, and more.
Using the Poingo pen, your child can hear text read aloud and do activities. Touching a highlighted word triggers an audio definition of that word, and touching a sound icon prompts a related sound effect.
In Default mode, children can touch the pen all over the page to hear sound effects, music, and other audio surprises.
Additional activities include spelling and sound recognition.

Poingo Storybook: Dora the Explorer, Let s Go to Toyland conforms to the Specifications for Toy Safety of ASTM F963-08.


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